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Vietnamese Ceremony

In a traditional Vietnamese wedding, a procession of the groom's family arrives at the bride's home bearing gifts to ask permission to receive the bride. A tea ceremony is held in which the bride and groom serve tea (or wine!) to their parents. A candle ceremony follows to symbolize the joining of the two families. The wedding procession moves to the groom's house where a ceremony honoring the bride and groom's ancestors takes place. The reception then occurs at the groom's house.

In modern times some of these details are modified and/or merged with Western traditions. Although the processions typically occur in the morning, our tea and candle ceremonies will be held at the library in the evening, and we will not be shuttling between houses. We will exchange wedding bands in the Western tradition at the same ceremony, wearing traditional Vietnamese Áo Dài the entire time (changing into Western gear for the reception).

The details of the ceremony are still under consideration and may change before the day of the wedding. Keep an eye on this section for updates!

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