The Wedding of Amber and Duc Kitten mittens

Wedding Party

Natalie Gilewski Tenneson

Amber was the maid of honor in Natalie's wedding in 2003. They grew up hair pulling, playing Barbies, and having normal sibling rivalry. Once Amber went away to college, things changed and Amber and Natalie grew much closer together (even though separated by many miles now).

Heather McDermond

Heather and Amber met in graduate school in Philadelphia, both pursuing degrees in clinical-counseling psychology. They've been friends since the day they met and attended many APA (American Psychological Association) conferences together. Amber was Heather's maid of honor in her awesome Jewish-Catholic wedding, also in 2003.

Vu Nguyen

Vu and Duc saw an evolution that started with fighting as children to living together in college. Now they are separated by hundreds of miles, but Vu's photography prowess, audiophile knowledge and grasp of all things automotive still serve as inspiration to his older brother.

Brian Leichtnam

Duc and Brian have been best friends since they met freshman year of high school in health class. They have gone from playing Nintendo 64 games together, to attending college at Rutgers together, to working at CSC together (living together at various times through college and their working years), and into their responsible adult lives, both joyous and trying.

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