The Wedding of Amber and Duc Ithaca is gorges

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  1. Hello Duc,
    Congratulation , you two make a cute couple.Thank you for inviting us and make us a part of you big day.We recently down size and move to a house up in the Hill country and just hook up the internet.As it happen,we found out that the date of your wedding is practically the same date my sister “s daughter get married in CALIFORNIA.All of us will take two weeks for the weeding and large reunion and enjoy the homy foods in the Little Saigon then on to Vegas that Independence weekend to watch Thuy Nga 100 th. show.As you know your uncle Toan or aunt Quyen never miss youe wedding iregardless of whom has the wedding on the same date. My sibblings and I are filling very bad for not be able to attend your wedding.Of all cousins we have ,Thu your Mom is very dear to us ( sorry Khanh, we just go back very very long long time).
    So again congratulation, say hello to your Mom and Dad, wee will remember you on that day. You pretty much grow up and lives up there all your life, don’t know how much and far you travel but if you and Amber venturre to the South give us shout.

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