The Wedding of Amber and Duc It BETTER be sunny in Philadelphia


Travel Logistics

We just wanted to highlight some things that may help you decide how you spend your evening with us. We're covering valet parking although you might want to tip. The wedding goes until midnight and the valets will be around for about half an hour after that. If you'd like to stay later and go out afterward, we have confirmed that you can pick up your key from the valet and get your car the next day. The lot they'll be using is two blocks east from the library:

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It's just a standard private lot and you should be able to use it for parking if you're staying at the Embassy Suites (assuming you don't want to pay their crazy $40 parking fee). We do not know the price offhand.

As for public transportation, the PATCO schedule back into New Jersey after midnight is a little tough, since the trains only come every 30-45 minutes. They do run all night, however.

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