The Wedding of Amber and Duc If you only go to one Vietnamese-Polish-German-Irish-American wedding this year, make it ours


Help us pick wedding music

Let's experiment with this. Visit Songvote. Enter VIP code amberandduc and PIN 254. Select songs you think are good for a modern wedding. We still get veto power in case you have bad taste. Thanks!

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  1. Tried to vote for music on song vote and it didn’t work :( I like that twist and shout is in the lead though, will def get out to dance for that one :)


    • You have to register at the site I believe. Pretty annoying, but your efforts are appreciated! Also the DJ has stated he is quite happy to take requests, so you can just wait until the day of to put in your picks.

      • he he, got it to work, tried to pick some good ones :)

        PS – Bravo to you and Amber, your wedding is so creative and fun and I haven’t even been to it yet :) :) :)

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