The Wedding of Amber and Duc It BETTER be sunny in Philadelphia

Don’t use Google Maps!

This is weird. Sometime in the past couple months, Google Maps was changed to put 1901 Vine Street somewhere by the Schuylkill River. It's not just that it's displayed wrong; the actual coordinates are screwed, which means directions will be too. Bing, Yahoo!, and MapQuest show it properly.

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Graphic Design
Heather Brennan

Daria Cortese

David Teng

Derek Korogodsky

Kurt Smith

Bobby Parker

Reception Music
David Goodman

Locally Grown Flowers
Jennie Love

Áo dài
Nam Dao (Atlanta)

Vietnamese Traditions Consultant
Chung Nguyen

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Self-Uniting Marriage

The Vietnamese wedding ceremony doesn't have an officiant per se. There is a master of ceremonies, but he/she is generally a family member and is unlikely to have any authority in granting marriages in the state in which the wedding occurs. Since we're getting married in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we're taking advantage of a vestige of its Quaker past that allows for self-uniting marriage, requiring only the signatures of two witnesses rather than the presence of an officiant (23 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 1502).

This has caused some issues in the past, most famously noted in a lawsuit against the Allegheny County Register of Wills for requiring that those requesting a self-uniting marriage prove their membership in the Quaker or B'Hai faiths (or any in which there are no official clergy). There are some pretty clear issues here with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and the judge ruled in the couple's favor. Still, we came armed with the court order just in case we had in problems.

There was no reason to worry, though. We went to get our marriage license yesterday and the people in the Bradford County Register and Recorder office in Towanda, PA were very nice. We got our forms without issue and on July 10 we'll be uniting ourselves in marriage, thanks very much.

The Bradford County Courthouse, moments after we left. They were cool.

As to why we went through this now, there's a three day waiting period between when you apply for a marriage license and when you're allowed to execute it. We were not going to be in Philadelphia early enough to let this waiting period pass, so we had to take a trip to a Pennsylvania county register nearest to Ithaca to get the license earlier.

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Travel Logistics

We just wanted to highlight some things that may help you decide how you spend your evening with us. We're covering valet parking although you might want to tip. The wedding goes until midnight and the valets will be around for about half an hour after that. If you'd like to stay later and go out afterward, we have confirmed that you can pick up your key from the valet and get your car the next day. The lot they'll be using is two blocks east from the library:

View Wedding Parking in a larger map

It's just a standard private lot and you should be able to use it for parking if you're staying at the Embassy Suites (assuming you don't want to pay their crazy $40 parking fee). We do not know the price offhand.

As for public transportation, the PATCO schedule back into New Jersey after midnight is a little tough, since the trains only come every 30-45 minutes. They do run all night, however.

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Invitations have been sent

Invitations were sent a couple weeks ago. If you signed up to have your invitation sent electronically and haven't received it yet, check your spam folder. Let us know if you don't have it.

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Help us pick wedding music

Let's experiment with this. Visit Songvote. Enter VIP code amberandduc and PIN 254. Select songs you think are good for a modern wedding. We still get veto power in case you have bad taste. Thanks!

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Using the Mobile Site

So you're leaving for the wedding and you realize you left all your information at home! No worries, all the info you need is on the website (if it's not, let us know), and the website is readable on mobile phones thanks to the WPtouch plugin for WordPress. Tap the arrow in the top right to open a menu to all the information pages. Click through below for bigger screenshots.

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Text Alerts Enabled

We've set up the ability to sign up for text message alerts to remind you of important dates like RSVP deadlines and of course the date of the wedding itself (and in a pinch: emergency notices). To enroll just send AMBERDUC to 41411. Unsubscribe at any time by sending LEAVE AMBERDUC to the same number.

Alternatively you can click here to set up your subscription online and get more information about this service.

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Xin Chao!

Amber and Duc

Thanks for visiting our wedding site. Guests will be able to opt in for electronic invitations (paper by default for sentimental types), RSVP electronically, and get SMS/email reminders for important dates. We're open to suggestions on ways to improve the site and make our wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Can't wait to see ya.

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We're getting married!

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